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Leadership 2020 in association with BET Africa (Channel 129 & Massiv Metro invite you to join us for a special edition of Sunday Circle on Sunday 3rd June 2018. 


Taking place between 1pm & 7pm at The Capital Empire Hotel in Sandton we focus on YOUNG MONEY.


Sunday 3rd June marks the beginning of Youth Month so we will have an array of incredible passionate youth in the room and as always look forward to an inspiring mix of edutainment that moves your life forward. 


Come and learn, network, and most importantly grow at Sunday Circle. Be in the room with GAME CHANGERS who are serious and dedicated to changing lives. 


Guest speakers for Sunday Circle  3rd June include :


Allon Raiz, Founder & CEO of RaizCorp


Allon Raiz is regarded both locally and globally as a pioneer and maverick in the business incubation industry. He is the founder and CEO of Raizcorp which, according to The Economist, is the only genuine incubator in Africa, and currently supports in excess of 500 businesses.
Allon is the author of two bestselling entrepreneurial books – Lose the Business Plan and What to Do When You Want to Give Up. He hosted the first national radio show on entrepreneurship in South Africa in 2004; wrote and hosted the first South African prime-time, entrepreneurship, reality TV show; and also created and published an ongoing entrepreneurial cartoon strip. Allon is the host of his sixth season of the popular The Big Small Business Show on BusinessDay TV; and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and The Star newspaper.
Allon is the co-founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation South Africa and Rural Roots, and sits on the advisory and judging boards of numerous local and international NGOs and entrepreneurial awards. Allon’s passion and focus on the development of entrepreneurs attracted the attention of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which, on 11 March 2008, awarded Allon as a Young Global Leader.
As an accomplished international speaker, Allon was invited to speak at the 2011 WEF Annual Meeting, held in Davos, Switzerland. In 2011, Allon was also invited to become a member of the WEF’s Global Agenda Council on Fostering Entrepreneurship, making him one of 15 recognised global experts in this field. More recently, Allon became a member of the WEF’s Global Future Council.
In 2013, Allon received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Oliver Transformation and Empowerment Awards. The following year, he was recognised as the country winner, regional winner and continental winner of the Titan Award for Building Nations.
Since 2014, Allon has guest lectured every year at Oxford University, where he is recognised as the Oxford University Saïd Business School’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence.
In 2015, Allon received an invitation from the White House, on behalf of President Barack Obama, to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, held in Kenya.

Tumelo Mothotoane - Media personality 


TV personality Tumelo Mothotoane has made the Daily Thetha famous by tackling topics that resonate with the country’s youth.  She has used the show on SABC1 to force youngsters to debate politically explosive and culturally sensitive topics in the spirit of fostering dialogue.


“It is important to invest in spiritual and mental strength because you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way” - Tumelo Mothotoane


Asked whether she planned to venture into acting anytime soon as her followers suggest often in social media, Mothotoane acted surprised. “Ooh, viewers think I should venture into acting? Oh my, I had no idea,” she said, laughing at the thought of being in action movies or in soapies.

She has been working at Power FM as a radio talk show host on a stand in basis and has also hosted radio shows on TransAfrica Radio and Channel Africa radio, which both formed part of her foundation.

Her advice to young people is to learn to sacrifice instant gratification for long term rewards. “When you choose to invest your time and effort into educating yourself about what you aspire to achieve, you enrich yourself with knowledge,” she said.


TT Mbha, Founder of Black Real Estate 


Thato 'TT' Mbha has earned his stripes as one of the few black real estate agents in South Africa.

The CEO of Black Real Estate is on a mission to encourage South Africans to acquire property as a lucrative investment.

He sat down with Azania Mosaka to talk about the strides he has made over the years and share how his first major deal was acquired 5 months after he passed his board exam.

Mbha has since provided solutions that work with access to high net worth clients across the African continent.

Here are some of his insights on getting your foot in the door and what you should look out for on your first buy.

He has embarked on a roadshow specifically targeting townships around the country, to educate black people on the process of buying.


Catherine Constantinides - Environmentalist & Change Agent


Catherine Constantinides, SA’s Young Eco-Preneur, passionate Climate Activist, Urban Food Gardener and award winning young voice of the African Continent. The former Miss Earth South Africa is passionate about the development and empowerment of women, children and gender equality. She believes that as we uplift the girl child it is our duty to ensure we uplift the boy child too. Having travelled across the world to share her passion for sustainable community development Constantinides has her roots firmly entrenched in Africa. This young women has shared global platforms with heads of state, activists, international business moguls, celebrities, sports stars and freedom fighters to name a few, voicing the opinion of the youth of Africa, ensuring that this is a voice that is taken seriously and a voice that is included as a key part of the global conversation in the development of Africa.

With more than a decade invested in educating, empowering and creating a much needed awareness around climate change, sustainable development, agriculture, and women empowerment; Constantinides and her team work actively in schools, rural communities, consulting with government and the private sector not only in South Africa but across the continent. As a passionate African she believes that the challenges our people face across Africa, need to be addressed urgently in order to look at more sustainable ways to uplift and grow the continent, moving Africa forward with an increased skill and educational transfer and an aligned focus on the development of Africa’s agricultural sector and food security programmes. Constantinides is quoted as saying, “If we do not urgently address Climate Change and the affects we can already see taking place, including the displacement of people, water challenges, climate refugees and the food crisis, we further cripple the development of our individual countries and continent.”

The multi-award winning social entrepreneur and Earthling has found a niche and has certainly got industry, government and communities alike to stand up and listen. She is determined to make sure she sees action on the ground and will fight until her continent is one that is food secure, low carbon intensive, economically viable and prosperous, for people and planet. This Archbishop Tutu African Oxford Fellow strives for a world, that does not need us to fight for the environment we have, but for an earth where the environment is safe guarded and does not need protecting. This phenomenal speaker and public figure who co-hosts Talk at 9 on 702 with Aubrey Masango was also one of the SAB Environmental Media & Environmentalist of the Year Awards Judge. She was also one of the resident judges on SABC 1’s One Day Leader. Catherine has attended the 2014 Women of the Future Summit in London and was a speaker at the AGCO Africa Summit Delegate in Berlin. She was part of the Honourable Minister Edna Molewa’s official delegation to COP 20 in Lima, Peru. Catherine is a change agent and a leader.


Bulelani Balabala - Entrepreneur


Bulelani Balabala is an award winning young entrepreneur & speaker. He is the founder & Executive Brand Engineer of Intercessor Army Franchising which is a  Brand Agency that started on  the 16 August 2006. He grew up in a township called Tembisa. His surrounding and disadvantaged up bringing are what inspired him to go the creative route. Armed with nothing but a dream and passion, he started selling the concept of brand development from a township perspective to corporates & other entrepreneurs. His resilience and driven has caused local and international companies to work with him.


Paseka Lesolang - Title Innovator, Entrepreneur


He has been part of several entrepreneurial ventures. For example, at age 20 he co-founded a photo company that served over 500 customers while he managed it. During that experience, he learnt a great deal about entrepreneurship, such as commitment to a purpose, etiquette, focus, sacrifice, prioritization, humility, perseverance, the value of time and money. He is a Managing Member and Director in other entities that he ventures with partners. He has participated in a Business Administration Learnership sponsored by the Forchini Group, has done a course in Advanced Entrepreneurship at the University of Pretoria, a BCom Management Degree candidate at the University of South Africa, an MBA crash course at the University of Colorado (USA), an innovation course at Standford University (USA) and a Project Management course with the IE Business School in Spain.



Sibusiso Molimi - Author and Public Speaking Coach


Motivational speakers are typically older persons who have a story to tell, good or bad, and through their experience they are able to draw lessons they can use to inspire others. Sibusiso Molimi, is not your typical motivational speaker, but a representative of what can be achieved through force of personality and having a vision, no matter your age.


Molimi originally hails from Soweto and is the youngest in his family. It was through the “grace of God, hard work and an optimistic attitude” that three successive bursaries led him to being educated at St. Peters Preparatory, St Albans College and the University of Pretoria respectively.
Of all the things Molimi could have done, he decided to be a motivational speaker, an unconventional choice for someone his age. Why?
“The fulfillment that I constantly received from inspiring and empowering people was one of the factors that led me to pursuing a career as a motivational speaker. I started motivational speaking when I was in my first year at varsity and I loved it,” he says.
“The other factor was that I was making a difference in people's lives by re-awakening the sleeping giant within them and people were willing to reward me financially. Lastly, it was the immense support from my powerful mentors who are leaders in the motivational industry.”
Beyond motivational speaking, Molimi is an author, writing a book titled Work Through The Barriers to Success, and an entrepreneur, heading up his own consulting firm.
The book itself speaks about what Molimi calls the five major barriers that stop dreams from coming true. These are; lack of vision, the enemy within, victims of circumstances, negative opinions from others, and being comfortable.
What personally drives Molimi to succeed is the admiration he has earned from those younger than him. The best way for him to be a blessing to others is “giving hope to many other young people that it is possible, regardless of your age and where you are from”.  

TJ Malamule - Award Winning Coach, International Speaker

TJ Malamule is a world renowned speaker and executive coach who has been named in the Global Top 100 Coaching Leaders by Global Human Resources Development Congress in Asia. His wisdom and insights from coaching C-level executives are shared in easy-to-apply formats with templates and tools to help you create positive, meaningful change that lasts.

Clients call TJ when they want to inspire their employees to be rock star peak performers in any economic climate. He works with leaders and executives to increase value in their organisations. That’s why he won the CEO Today magazine for Management Consulting Awards in London for recognition of his work with Global organizations.

Armed with 10 years research on neuro-linguistic programing, branding and business effectiveness, he helps his clients better in motivation, leadership and the future of work.



Thulani Thabethe - Founder 2Larnie Solutions


Thulani Thabethe founder 2Larnie Solutions, a sales and marketing company that is young, dynamic and black empowered business based in Sandton, Johannesburg.

An astute Sales and Marketing genius, MC, Motivational Speaker, Instore announcer, a born entertainer and has a zest for life.

Our business model is to increase sales and ultimately grow small, medium and large businesses. 2Larnie Solutions (PTY) Ltd offers below and above the line marketing focusing on promotions, in-store announcing and brand activations across South Africa. Over and above, we manage events and ensure that your brand is successfully marketed.

Before devoting my work fulltime to 2larnie Solutions (PTY) Ltd, I served at several other well recognized institutions. A business development manager at Outsurance, Business Executive at Alexander Forbes, a Master of Ceremonies at experiential organizations whose clients include Builders Warehouse, MiWay, Staff UNeed, and many more. In addition to devoting myself to sales and marketing, my first love was radio presenting which broadened my perspective in dealing with different social ideologies and age groups.

As my mentor often says, “When I think of a product / brand, I become messianic about it.”


Tshidi Manie - Founding Member & Merchant Property Service Book
I lead a team of experts in Gauteng :

- building small complexes of 8-20 units for investment purposes
- manage your properties through a leading property agency
- building of residential houses
- building plans
- landscape designs
- renovations
- luxury home furniture

Sbusiso Leope - Entrepreneur, Author, Media Personality
popularly known as DJ Sbu, is a DJ, Producer, Musician, Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, TV & Radio Host, Businessman & Philanthropist who thrives on giving back to the youth of Africa. He is considered by many as an African youth icon. Recently named South Africa's 2017 Trailblazer of The Year. He ran TS Records an independent music Label from 2001 to 2012 with businessman TK Nciza. He gives talks every week to disadvantaged schools around SA. He gives bursaries through his SLEF Foundation and offers mentorship to learners, entrepreneurship short courses and conducts networking seminars, conferences & workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs through his educational services company Leadership2020. Sbu Leope is the first black man in Africa to create a 100% black owned energy drink back in 2011. He co-owns the beverage company MoFaya Beverage Company. His latest best-selling book is Billionaires Under Construction: The Mindset of An Entrepreneur. DJ Sbu has shaped youth culture and their thinking. Despite his tough upbringing in Tembisa, he has overcome obstacles on his journey to being great.
Facebook Page: DJ SBU
Twitter: @djsbu
Instagram: @djsbulive

Daluxolo Jalmeni - Radio Personality and Speaker

Daluxolo Jalmeni was born in East London, Eastern Cape.

His leadership foundation was founded at secondary phase at East London High School, as he was the grade 11 & 12 Leader of the Events Committee and the class of 2013 Head boy.

Damelin’s former 2013 SRC President, Daluxolo Jalmeni started working at the age of 13 at Nestle Ice Cream and he has worked for an East London based, 100% black owned corporate events company called Virtue Business Solutions as a Marketing and Social Media Strategist. He is the founder and owner of Jalmeni Digital Management Company.

Jalmeni Digital is an East London owned and operated company that Daluxolo founded in 2015; Jalmeni Digital has positioned itself as an innovative leader who partners with organizations who want to grow through Online Communications & Marketing. Our partnering approach adds Strategy, Creative, digital design, Web Development & Online Marketing skills for our partners so they can concentrate on their core business.

He has been on radio for 3 years, his radio career started at Link FM a community radio station in East London. Until he was discovered, by his all-time role model DJ Sbu in February 2017. He is currently a radio personality on Massiv Metro, DJ SBU’S new online radio station.


Zareef Minty - Radio Personality, Entrepreneur, Speaker


Zareef was listed as 1 of the top 200 Young South Africans by the Mail and Guardian. Zareef is also a best selling author after the release of his book titled EMPIRE.

Zareef is a politician, businessman, lawyer, author and social influencer. He is the youngest youth president of a political party at a national elections to date.

He is currently on a leadership reality show called One Day Leader on SABC 1. Zareef has also made the GQ Best Dressed List. He plans on building 3 schools before the end of the 2017 year. Zareef will be speaking about the importance of networking and self branding.

He will also be speaking about validation and the importance of a perfect balance between being hard working and being ambitious.

Zareef Minty Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans / Youth President / Wits LSC 2013 / Wits SDC Chairperson 2013 / Founder Of SMB / BLA Chairperson 2014 / Radio Host / Motivational Speaker / Author Of Best Selling Book “Empire” / News 24 / Cliff Central / TeenZone Magazine / GQ Best Dressed / One Day Leader Season 4



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Leadership 2020 is a future leader company co founded by Sbusisio Leope and partners to develop Africa’s Richest Asset – its people. Since inception in 2013 the company has changed volumes of lives and perspectives in South Africa through educational short courses, seminars, media products, books and mentorship programmes. 


Some of the Leadership 2020 initiatives include – Massiv Metro, a hybrid commuter focused radio station developing talent and innovating in the lives of urban commuters. Kicking Doors  - Africa’s leading entrepreneurship TV show as seen on CNBC Africa, also the company has 2 best selling books under its belt, Leadership 2020 – The Beginning and Billionaire$ Under Construction.





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