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In the weekend of VDJ, Durban is filled with a lot of fun you can think of and hotels fully booked by traveling guests whom like to experience the VDJ at first hand experience. I however on the other hand did not feel the need of going out, and so I bought snacks that will last me the weekend and watch movies as I had no intensions of being part of the VDJ fun.

I had no idea that I was about to be inspired and be positively motivated by this one movie, I watched over and over again, that Friday night I watched it four times and twice on Saturday morning. Each time I watched it, it brought me into tears in all occasions and it was a while since a movie brought me to soaking eyes, the last time that happened was when I watched 12 years a slave. This one was different though, with no brutality, violence or any kind of disturbing action.


My inspiration comes from the content of this movie and it reflection to life, faith and dreams. Freddie Highmore, who plays the leading role by the name of Evan Taylor, a young boy whom was given up for adoption before birth by his grandfather after his mother was hit by a car outside a restaurant they were having dinner in. Growing up in the orphan home, Evan believed in music so much and was certain that it the only thing that he uses it to communicate to his parents, hence he believes it was passed unto him by them. This is the kind of faith that as we grow up tend to lose or lack, the world tries to knock it out of us from time to time, and we never believe in our dreams so much to never let go no matter how big the knock may be. His parents they too were musicians, who met for one night and never had the chance to meet again, but believed that music is the only thing that can make their path cross again, if they can play it and one get to hear it, one will know and they will meet again. Through out their scenes as the movie carried on, it hit me that when people meet in the name of love and get to not only connect but meet each others soul, no matter what can happen they will not be strangers hence they are soulful connected.


One night, Evan decides to leave the orphan home and follow the music as he takes inspiration from everything that makes a sound around him. He heads to New York City were he was to meet with his social worker but ended up losing his number and finding a shelter with other kids whom spend their days on the streets and living in old apartment being guided by this man whose ‘supposedly’ their guardian. He sees the gift Evan has and exploit it for self gain, starting from changing his name to August Rush, posing as his guardian to negotiate record deals and sending him to public parks to play for tips. This to me reflected in the reality of life, that when people suddenly leave their comfort zone in pursuit of their dreams, the devil steps up. He gives you information that will make you lose focus and interest. Making you settle for less instead of that home run you were going for, he makes you comfortable with being average, change your name paint a new picture that will shadow your main vision. There’s a saying that goes, “When you have sight with no vision, you are no different to a blind person.” This is what the devil gives you as soon as you leave your comfort zone in pursuit of your dreams, sight. He make it a point that you see your current situation, makes you see all the possibilities you are facing that makes it almost impossible to succeed. In those moments, you don’t only lose hope but you have lost faith, hence faith is the strong belief of the things not seen. Evan AKA August Rush manages to escape from this man and finds himself practicing and learning his first and only love in one of the exclusive music school in town, but guess what? The devil finds his whereabouts and go to ‘claim’ him, in his disbelief, he finds himself out of the school and back to the street. When we have escaped the barriers we once faced, we forget who we are, we lack self-confidence and when the devil tells us ‘who we are’ we quickly believe it and lose it all over again.


Faith does not only gives us the ability to believe the unseen, but it also gives us strength of fighting battles of seen and unseen negativity that stands to destroy us and our dreams. Belief in ourselves also plays a major role in pursuit of what we become and who we are and where we are going and dreaming of going. For eleven years, Evan never had seen nor touched any kind of music instrument but the first time he saw it he knew that were his life is, and when he touched it and played one beautiful music piece, you could see he came to life. Some of us have dreams that when told to people seems to be a joke; hence what we dream about is something we have never seen nor been to. That where self-belief takes a critical part in the process of dreaming, you believe and see yourself in your vision taking charge and ownership of what you dream about. The moment you come to see and be in it, you come to life and it all seems easy hence you have lived that moment over and over again in your mind. Evan finally gets to stand up for himself and escape from this man again, gets to perform his beautiful piece of music he composed, in which he managed to find his parents find each other and him as they could relate and tell from the kind of music sound their son has created.


In closing, life has different elements that lead one to reach and fulfil their potential. We all are gifted from birth, some come to learn of their gift through dreaming, some come to learn through their natural ability of doing certain things and that is referred to as talent, some come to learn of their gift through passion, self-belief and hard work. No matter how you come to learn of your gift, but we all have to have this one element for our gift to come to life and bring success to not only ourselves, but to the world. That one element is none other than; FAITH.

With this article, I hereby challenge each and everyone out there including myself. The challenge is, let us pursue our dreams and make it a point that we do not settle for anything less than what we have always dreamed off, and when people open doors we have been knocking in and ask us, “why are we here?” let all our response be:

I followed my dream, my heart told me to.”


Written by:

Sbonga Pee Tee Dlamini


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